Moab Bronco Safari 2004
Taad Jansen Motoman

This is the one event I plan on every year.  There is no other overall 4x4 experience that combines awesome scenery, great friends and the best 4 wheeling in the west.  I have yet to do the Rubicon, that might come in a close 2nd in my book.  This year we were lucky enough to have the Bronco Horde join our ranks, Jim Creel from Wild Horses 4x4, Chuck Atkinson from BC Broncos.  Of course big thanks go out to B.R.O.N.Co (Bronco Registry of Northern Colorado) for putting on another great event!  We had our brothers from Canada drive their Bronco all the way down.  Steve George had just completed his Bronc-up (Bronco Pickup) and came from Farmington, NM.  We had people from CA, UT, AZ, CO, OR, WA, NM, TX....and so on and so on!  I want to thank Taad Jansen and Keith Auble for permission to use their pictures in this write up! 

Road Trip to Moab

Julie and I met up with Taad Janson at her house about noon on Tuesday.  We convoyed up together.  The trip went great and we rolled into the Oasis Campground early evening.  Right when we got there the whole Bronco Horde came over and introduced themselves!  It was great to put faces with email names!!

Poison Spyder Trail

On the menu for Tuesday was Poison Spyder Mesa.  When in Moab for the the Bronco Safari there is one "Event Run" and many impromptu runs for the people that sleep in, fix'n stuff, need breakfast, etc, etc.  On this day we had a great group put together for this always fun run across Poison Spyder Mesa.  Well about 3/4 the way to the Golden Spike Trail Taad broke his output shaft on the D20.  It instantly became a rescue mission.  As you can see from the pictures we had a great time!

Lower Proving Grounds

We orginally set out Wednesday to do Lower Helldorado, but the trail is closed down.  We came back into town and ran Lower Proving Grounds.  The entrance of this trail took one rear quarter panel and bent two tie rods. 


Potato Salad Hill

Ah yes, the infamous Potato Salad Hill.  When I first pulled up to this hill I thought WTF.  It's nasty.  Most of us gave it a try and did well.  You definitely need to pick the right line!

Dump Bump

The Dump Bump is right above the world's most scenic dump.  We had a chance to give it a go.  No breakage this year and everyone was denied!

Metal Masher Trail

This was a first for me this year.  I was having some power steering pump problems.  We told the group to go ahead and Julie, me and John went to Carquest in seek of a new ps pump.  We got her installed (thank you Julie and John) and headed to the trailhead.  John took us the scenic route.  It had rained hard in camp the night before.  When we got to the trailhead off the highway there was snow and mud!  Woohoo!  High speed mud!  We caught up with the main group and had a blast.  What a beautiful trail.

Widow Maker

Another first for me.  Half the group split at the end of Metal Masher.  The entrance to Widow Maker is wild.  A huge waterfall.  Everyone needed a little help from their friends.  We had one vehicle break on this obstacle...... lost a hub and rear ujoint.  At the tail end Johnny broke both shock mounts trying to keep up with the MO-TO-MAN!  :) 

Pritchett Canyon

A favorite among everyone.  We got there nice and early when the shadows were still deep in the canyon.  We actually put together a money pool on this trip.  All drivers had to put their name and $2.00 in the hat.  Everyone drew a name.  If the name they pulled out of the hat is the first to break something on their truck they win the money.  Made the dynamics of the run change a bit.  You didn't want the guy who pulled your name to spot you, that's for sure!!!  :)

Keith's Pictures:
Here's a few extra curriculum activity photos (Rated R)  
I just wanted to say Thank YOU again to Len and Aaron with B.R.O.N.Co. for an awesome event.  The staff at the Oasis Campground put up with us another year.  Hope you got your internet up Sandy!  Next year wireless access from anywhere in the camp.  Farout.  Also to all the vendors that participated and donated items to the raffle (which I missed..changing a friends flat tire).  I heard it was a good one.  And that lucky bastard Taad for winning the cool stuff again!  I am going to let him get my tickets for me next time.  Taad, thanks for letting us borrow your camera.  Keith, thanks for donating your pics!  Keith came all the way from New York.  I think he would have had the long distance award if he hadn't showed up in a Jeep!  I also wanted to thank all that helped with the power steering issue.  Aluminum pulleys just don't work for long without getting polished and won't hold the belt.  I also wanted to give a thanks to Jim Creel for helping me with my axle/ujoint problem.  He sent out a replacement soon as he got back to the shop.  Another successful year.  If you haven't done it you should!  Don't put it off!  God Bless!
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